NASCAR 2011 : The Game トロフィー攻略TOP

by Kapon

項目 33、37のバグ考察については、
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00 Platinum
01 ↓ One for the Road21 Run the Gauntlet
02 ↓ Now ya Talkin'22 The Champ is here!
03 ↓ Decorated Driver23 Finishing in First!
04 NASCAR Legend24 Give me 4
05 NXP Challenge25 Hotrod
06 Saddle Up & Hang On26 "Let's Go Racin Boys"
07 Victory Lane27 Up on the Wheel
08 Star of Tomorrow28 Rubbin is Racin!
09 Race Rivalry29 Pedal to the Metal
10 Keep Diggin'30 Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday
11 Tailgating31 Styling 'N' Profiling
12 Sprint to the Finish32 Pit Perfection
13 Race to the Chase33 Ride in Style
14 Series Champion34 Groovy
15 Cup Contender35 Surfin' USA
16 Any Place, Any Time36 Name to Remember
17 VIP37 Boy Scout
18 MVP38 Celebration Shot
19 Car Stylist39 Kingly
20 Last Man Standing40 Rookie Mistake




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